Fast Anxiety Relief with Cognitive Drill

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Your Winning Formula for Anxiety, Fears, OCD, Panic, Phobias: A Revolution in Psychological Treatment: Through Our Revolutionary Program You Can !!!

  • Rapidly get rid of your various anxieties like health anxiety, examination anxiety, social anxiety.
  • Get rid of your obsessions. Like having obscene thoughts about God, Ruin, Devastation, Fatal Disease
  • Beat envy and professional jealousy
  • Take full charge of your life
  • Become more confident in social interactions
  • Face the situations you have been avoiding for many years
  • Elevate your depression
  • Remove mastrbtion guilt which has been preoccupying your mind and making you timid
  • Face the people you have been afraid of ridicule, negative evaluation, rejection
  • Leave the home alone by eliminating the fear of fainting which restricts your independent mobility.
  • Overcome the thoughts you may have about your health for fear of contacting serious, fatal, unknown disease.
  • Take charge of your stammering by eliminating the fear of being ridiculed and getting socially rejected.
  • Sleep in peace effortlessly and comfortably
  • Give public speech at ease
  • Present yourself in interview without unreasonable fear
  • Get rid of your compulsive acts of washing, cleaning, checking
  • Quickly reduce feelings of inferiority

Description of Problems Successfully Treated By Our Program !!!

Pure ‘O’: In pure obsessions, afflicted person get intrusive thoughts and images in his mind which are unacceptable to one’s self. The person tries to suppress or somehow remove those thoughts from his mind. a person had thoughts of ruin which may occur to him and his family. He had been suffering for over 15 years form this problem. With application of our program his problem removed within 6 sessions of 90-120 minutes. He got cured. Another person had obsession of becoming gay. He was severely troubled by his thoughts of gay. He had tried several methods to get rid of his trouble. Our program produced large positive effects in less than 10 days. Now these thoughts no longer trouble him. A lady had obsessions of contamination. She used to have ideas that her panty got contaminated by the blood of periods, entire house got contaminated including pictures of her Goddess in the house. She applied the antidotes and got substantial relief from her obsessions as revealed by Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale findings.

Fear of Disease: A person used to get his blood pressure measured several times a day, got multiple lipid profile and blood examination for fear of getting some life threatening illness. He applied the program and got significant relief within a week. A lady used to avoid listening or reading about any disease because of the fear that if she happen to listen or read a disease, the same will be developed in her. She was severely upset because of it. After application of our program for two days she could listen to and read any disease before us and it did not have any anxious impact on her.

Envy: A doctor had marked pattern of envy. He was troubled by the thoughts that the person concerned will excel him professionally, socially and financially. He had marked distress because of this envy pattern. We applied cognitive drill for one session only and he showed significant improvement in his envy pattern. Another case took about a few days and got marked reduction in envy from his friends. He used to avoid that person including his objects. Now he remains comfortable in his presence. His memory no longer upsets him.

Social Anxiety: A person informed that he was not able to cross the classroom through the open space in the middle. He always worried that his classmates would screen him, evaluate him negatively, ridicule him, humiliate him, reject him. The application of our program for a few days was enough to beat the social anxiety. Another person had a life long pattern of social anxiety. He now showed significant positive gains in his social anxiety.

Fear of Elevators: This person commented that he was afraid of the elevator at our apartment. He narrated one of his traumatic experiences causing this fear. We had already trained him in our program. I went with him in the elevator and asked him to apply the program. It took about one minute to remove this fear. On subsequent visit he reported no fear of elevator.

Fear of Negative Evaluation: A girl presented with marked fear of negative evaluation by her friends. We quickly presented her our model and required her to do the cognitive drill within the framework of this program. Within 30 minutes she was able to significantly reduce her fear of negative evaluation by her friends.

There are many such examples which can not be reported here.

Strength of Our Program !!!

  • Our method is replicable. That is, if one person achieved dramatic results through this program to eradicate anxiety, other persons too could do that!!!
  • This method works totally in your favor for the present and the future. That means, not only you will overcome your anxiety problem in the present, but also be able to prevent its recurrence.
  • The continued application of this method would boost your self-confidence, eradicate feelings of inferiority, enhance your peace and happiness.
  • You will find yourself at peace on awakening. You won’t have to worry for the events to follow in the day.
  • The experience of morbid anxiety would become an event of past. You would simply forget that you were anxious or obsessive.
  • Would provide a method that you shall be able to apply on the spot in the face of anxiety. That means, if you encounter the events that elicits anxiety, you would take charge of the anxiety by application of this method within minutes and face the situation comfortably.
  • would have surplus time you were spending in anxiety to engage yourself in pleasurable activities
  • Would be able to see your world afresh
  • Live in the present moment
  • Would be able help your dear friends to remove their anxiety even over telephone.

If Program is Not Useful For Me !!!

  • There are only two possibilities:
    1. Either the program is useful and you successfully beat the anxiety problem like phobia, OCD, Social Anxiety, Health Anxiety and more…. Then you are happy and satisfied.
    2. The program has zero positive effect on you which is unlikely. You will have to think “if it is successful, if it would produce significant positive gains….

Anatomy of Anxiety Experience:

Latest imaging researches indicate over activity of Amygdala during the experience of anxiety. Amygdala is a tiny part in the brain which is considered the controlling centre of anxiety. On the evolutional scale, Amygdala is a primitive structure concerned with anxiety experience. We may call it as emotional brain or even illiterate brain. Cortex is the recent structure which is concerned with thinking and other mental functions. We may call it as rational brain or an educated brain. In an anxiety experience like health anxiety, examination anxiety, OCD, social anxiety there emerges a battle between rational brain vs emotional brain. An individual tries to overpower the illiterate brain through educated brain by providing some logics, or convincing through providing evidences. In many cases by Diverting one’s mind to other activities like reading, playing, watching TV and so on. The rational brain often fails to control the emotional brain and a person may become hopeless and desperate because of failure in overcoming emotional brain. After 20 years of clinical research we have discovered the language which is comprehensible to the Amygdala, the emotional / illiterate brain. Our method bypasses the rational brain and acts directly at the emotional brain to produce rapid relief and mastery over anxiety experience. We explored the internet thoroughly and could not find any method comparable to us. It is simply a “the Best”.

In Nutshell You Shall Get Extra-ordinary Benefits from This Program For the Following !!!

  • Get rid of anxiety disorders: Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Phobia, Social Phobia, Social Anxiety, Health Anxiety, Appearance Anxiety, pure obsessions, Examination Anxiety, Public Speaking Fear, Performance Anxiety; Masturbation Guilt, Envy, Professional Jealousy and many other similar problems
  • The acute problem of anxiety will be an experience of the past. It shall no longer trouble you.
  • You can leave home alone without marked anxiety, enjoy your life at the optimum level
  • Become more productive by engaging in useful and creative activities
  • You will be able to enjoy more with your friends and family members
  • You will be able to continue your job without distressing and damaging effects of anxiety
  • You will be able to have realistic image of yourself and your self-confidence shall increase
  • You would like to play, watch movies, enjoy TV and other recreational programs
  • Your anxiety medications will be reduced to the minimum
  • The obsessive thoughts and images would no longer trouble your life

Anxiety Reductions:
The Substantial Reductions in Anxiety and its derivatives like OCD, envy, guilt is Guaranteed. Every one of our suitable client got amazing results with this method.

Do it Yourself Therapy

  • Easy to comprehend
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to teach
  • Easy real time application
  • Instant results

A Word of Caution:

It is to be remembered that anxiety is an emotion like any other emotions of joy, sadness, fear. It is part and parcel of human being. Certain amount of anxiety is a normal experience. It is the morbid anxiety level which interferes in optimum functioning of an individual that need to be reduced not eliminated. Any person or program claiming to remove anxiety from your personality is not scientific. We can aim for restoration of anxiety to normal levels.

Disorder of Emotion:

Morbid Anxiety is a recognized disorder of emotion. It is not a disorder of thought. A person afflicted with anxiety like health anxiety, examination anxiety, social anxiety, OCD should always remember the problem lies with his emotion not with his thinking or capacity to think logically. Hence, all attempts are directed towards the normalization of this morbid emotion.


“I had come to seek solution through mystic hypnotic procedures for my severe obsessive problems of 15 years, but you provided me the best I could never imagine”. How it is possible to solve my 15 years problem of obsessions in 5 days !!!” CS (2008)

“You ought to go for its patent. I did not know if psychology could be so powerful” R.A. (2008)

“Oh! it is a bulldozer method. Can destroy fears in minutes !!! I could successfully overcome my lifelong pattern of anxious behaviours” V (2008)


The method is based on the solid foundations of latest scientific researches in neurophysiology, neurochemistry and cognitve therapy, behavior therapy, trance based procedure, neurolingusitic programming, theories of learning, experimental psychology, biofeedback, and others. We specialize in developing micro procedures which blends a number of approaches to produce rapid results.

Our Online Services

We provide online services across Globe through chatting, telephone and email support.

Regular Online Support !!!

We provide regular online support through our Google Group. We allow joining this forum to the persons who are either member of our network or who have been utilizing our program for one’s or other’s well being.

Estimate Your Loss Because of Anxiety

Have you ever estimated the loss and suffering caused to you and your family by your anxiety, OCD, Social Anxiety, Health Anxiety, Appearance Anxiety, Masturbation Guilt, Envy, Panic, Phobia and other similar problems ???

Alternative Programs

We do not recommend any alternative to our program as this is the best. However, if for any reason still you are tempted to explore some cheaper or other programs, you may Google the following: “Anxiety Panic OCD Phobia” and follow the web. Even if you decide to do so, we highly recommend that you bookmark or remember us as you may have to come back to us for eradication of your anxiety, phobia, OCD, Social Anxiety, Health Anxiety and more…

But This Program is Not Known Much !!!

True !!! Because it is a recent discovery of 2008 only. Just wait and watch within a couple of years everyone would be speaking about this program only. It is going to be the most sought for program across the World ….

You Must Assess Your Suitability for Our Program !!!

We do not provide our program to each and every person having anxiety related problems. We have a screening system which guides us whether our program shall be useful to you or not. If you qualify this screening, then only you should procure this program. Else you may have to try harder to get best results from this program:

1. Are you able to clearly visualize the situations that evokes anxiety, phobia, OCD, health anxiety, or the similar problems in you ?

2. Are you able to feel discomfort due to visualization of anxiety related situations ?

3. Are you committed to beat your anxiety ?

If all of above answers are YES!!! Then you are the right candidate for our program. You would certainly derive best out of it.

Personal Sessions:

If you are interested is seeing us for personal sessions, you may visit us. The personal sessions are held on the basis of prior appointment only. You may have to wait for your turn for having personal therapy from us.

Duration of Treatment:

We recommend a duration of 10 days both for personal sessions and PDF program. Most of our clients take less than this to get significant and perceptible positive gains in their anxiety related problems.

a word of thanks to our teacher

Respected Sir,
It is the moment to thank you for the kindness you have shown and the wisdom you brought to our brains. Your pedagogy will remain influential and will guide us in every sphere of life. You taught beyond books, your teachings were simplified, but had the most of their impact to help us learn the toughest of the topics. Your wise words, efficiency in work, unique and unconventional methods of class teaching, unbeatable confidence, treasure of knowledge, calm attitude combine to make you stand out as one of the most influential souls on this planet. It has been only by God’s grace that we have been given this opportunity to be posted under your guidance and to be able to learn from the Master of Life itself. Though we learn a lot from you, not only about syllabi, but also about how to live a balanced life. So here are some most important and unique lessons that hardly a Teacher would care to teach:

  • Probe into the deep, ask indirect questions, take as much time as required. Don’t bound the time.
  • Always try to maintain records. They help you when no one else and nothing else can.
  • Top to bottom approach – understanding of the concepts should be developed first, then move further
  • Having simple solutions for complicated problems
  • Keep an open mind! Never limit your options. Never stop searching for answers. There are many alternatives for one problem.
  • Mind can create wonders. No words can explain this one. You are a living example.
  • Solution oriented mind – focusing on solutions instead of problems results in a happy ending.
  • Try to make your work presentable. What is presentable attracts attention and a very good assignment lacking the trait of presentation can be ignored or undervalued.
  • Strive for perfection
  • Stay positive, stay calm and you can win many souls.

You have a wonderful mind which creates miracles which leave the world astonished. To our amazement, you taught one of the most praised but difficult test Rorschach in merely less than one month and we could hardly realize that we were able to at least learn it in such short span of time.
We could never imagine someone inducing state of trance in less than one minute. We feel very unfortunate that we could not witness it. However, we wish to come back and learn the art from the Master himself. In a country like India where possession of spirits is considered such a dramatic issue, you step in and create a new therapy by personifying the concept. Hence, we have a lot to express and share about our experience but it is difficult to find words to describe out gratitude. We feel fortunate to be placed under your guidance and this placement will always be cherished by us.



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